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P.W. Sanitex sp. z o.o.

Date of publication: 20 February 2023

Cooperation with Dulewski Sikora Law Firm led to a successful completion of the transaction. I appreciated their openness to the client and willingness to stay in regular contact as part of the transaction. The benefits resulting from the cooperation with the law firm include: feedback on all actions taken, professionalism and meticulousness every step of the way, attention to all details and intricacies of the case, attention to potential risks, anticipation of all scenarios of a given transaction, extensive knowledge of the topic/case study, flexible approach to the client and attention to their needs, building trust and a sincere approach. I certainly recommend their services and professional attitude. As a client, I felt well informed about and up to date with all options/risks that may be associated with the sale of shares. Attorneys Sikora and Dulewski have adopted problem-solving approach to the client; their work ethics and actions they take make clients trust them and have a feeling that their case will be handled well. Working with them is not only professional and successful, but also pleasant.

Joanna Dębska
former shareholder of P.W. Sanitex sp. z o.o.

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