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Dulewski Sikora is a law firm specialized in business law, especially in mergers and acquisitions. We offer in-depth knowledge and considerable experience across the selected areas of expertise. And that means we can safely carry out even most comprehensive transactions and multiple projects for our clients.

We understand our clients and we know how to satisfy their requirements

We work for family businesses, international corporations and investment funds. We understand their specificity, different needs and challenges they face daily.

You work with specialists with considerable legal expertise

As we mainly deal with complex issues, we hire attorneys with a minimum of ten years of experience, not trainees.
You can rest assured that your legal issues will be handled by a competent professional, not a person who takes their first steps on the legal career ladder. Furthermore, we have established long-term business cooperation with experts in the field of finance, business valuation and taxation.

You will be provided with world-class legal services

The founders of Dulewski Sikora law firm come from the largest Polish and international law firms. Regardless of the size and complexity of your transaction, you will always be served in accordance with regulations and professional standards that apply in the largest law firms.

Strong partner in negotiations

With the experience we have gained conducting large and complex transactions, you can rest assured that having us on your side, you will conduct all kinds of business talks on equal terms, regardless of who sits across from you at the negotiation table.

Founders of the law firm

Tomasz Dulewski Tomasz Dulewski

Tomasz Dulewski


Tomasz Dulewski is a founder of the law firm. He has more than 10 years of experience in providing legal assitance. Prior to opening his own law firm in 2015, he was working for the largest law firms in Poland, including Wierzbowski Eversheds.

Tomasz specializes in business law. In his practice he mainly advises on formation, transformation, merger and sale of the companies. His area of expertise includes also opening businesses for foreign investors in Poland.

Tomasz is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław and a 2 year course on English law and European Union law run by the University of Cambridge in cooperation with the University of Wrocław. He finished the course with the best result in Europe in 2006 defeating all 164 graduates.

He speaks English (fluently) and Spanish (at intermediate level).

Jakub Sikora Jakub Sikora

Jakub Sikora


Jakub Sikora is an attorney-at-law.

Prior to opening his own law firm Dulewski Sikora he was working for several years for the largest law firms in Poland including Dentons – the largest law firm in the world – as a senior associate.

He specializes mainly in M&A, due diligence investigations and advises on infrastructural projects executed in the form of public-private partnership.

His professional practice focuses also on ongoing corporate services and on opening businesses for foreign investors in Poland.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and postgraduate studies in public procurement at the Leon Koźminski University in Warsaw.

He speaks English and French fluently.

Customers opinion

Dulewski Sikora Law Firm assisted me in the transaction involving the acquisition of the shares from the foreign entity. I was very impressed with the professional manner, in which the whole process was conducted, as well as with the detailed knowledge of the domestic and foreign regulations applicable in my case. Dulewski and Sikora attorneys represented my best interests with passion and commitment, efficiently bringing the entire project to the end. I would recommend Dulewski Sikora Law Firm to all entrepreneurs who are seeking a professional and reliable legal advice in the field of the corporate law

Staff In sp. z o.o.
Piotr Dudziński - shareholder

With the services provided by Dulewski Sikora, the closing of purchase transaction of a company operating in the field of health care was quick and efficient. The firm operates in a reliable, organized, and timely manner. The business-oriented approach is their competitive advantage. I am pleased with the cooperation we have developed. I value their ability to look at transactions from business perspective and adapt legal provisions to changing business arrangements

Allenort Capital Fund
Łukasz Goryszewski - COO

Dulewski Sikora Law Firm, apart from professionalism and high-quality services, is distinguished from other law firms by its fantastic client-oriented approach: they have the ability to identify needs and ask pertinent questions which help you become aware of these needs"

Heads and Noses sp. z o.o.
Katarzyna Brzozowska - CEO

"The law firm is flexible and well-versed in corporate law. What is more, using Hubstaff is their definite plus. I highly recommend them."

Paweł Bartoszek - CEO

"When you entrust your case to attorney Tomasz Dulewski, you know it is in the right hands. I know nothing serious or dangerous in the provisions of the contract escapes his attention. I value him for his composure, reliability, quick assessment of the situation and ability to maintain the sense of urgency. His dedicated and individual approach to each case makes you feel like your case is the only one he is currently working on”

Drewans BIS Sp. z o.o.
Monika Sabarańska - Board Member

"I value this law firm for reliability and immediate feedback. They give confidence that the business, team and clients are taken care of. I would highly recommend their services to others"

Eratia Doradztwo Finansowe Dla Firm sp. z o.o.
Marcin Samol - CEO

“With the assistance of Dulewski Sikora Law Firm, I managed to negotiate better conditions governing the entry into business partnership, acquire shares at good price and change the articles of association to my advantage. Mr Dulewski is known for his precision and an effort to meet the client's expectations. In addition, he suggests solutions I was not aware of. Law is his true vocation. I am glad I have come across him”

Piotr Chajkowski