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Letters of reference provide the best assessment of any lawyer’s work. Our competences and experience make our clients satisfied and they appreciate our services, hence their credentials. We provide legal advice on the sale of companies and enterprises to owners, partners and shareholders of these entities. Our standards of client representation do not differ from the world standards. We negotiate with domestic and foreign entities, if necessary, also in English.

Our commitment and passion make us sign contracts that benefit the sellers. With us, the entire process of sale of a company or an enterprise is safe for the client. Below is a selection of credentials that Dulewski Sikora Law Firm has received over the years. We are proud to share with you the feedback that we have received on the quality of our work.

Capital transactions are infrequent, but their arrangements affect further operation of the entire company and even personal matters. The most important thing for us is to make informed decisions, and the experience of attorneys Sikora and Dulewski allowed us to see the consequences of individual provisions or decisions. Their strengths include thoroughness, meticulousness and approach based on partnership... Attorneys Sikora and Dulewski have thorough knowledge and use an approach based on reliability, trust and honesty.
Artur Kowalski
President of the Management Board of ZINU sp. z o. o.
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Zrzut ekranu    o
I didn’t know selling a big business was such a complex transaction these days. A letter of intent, due diligence, contract negotiations, scope of responsibility, a non-competition clause... Tons of issues to deal with, and many seemingly trivial words that might have consequences.
Martyna Paleczna and Stanisław Paleczny
former shareholders of Fanar S.A.
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With the help of Dulewski Sikora Law Firm, I have gained valuable information that one should pay attention to when selling shares. They made me aware of certain issues, legal consequences that one may face up to as a result of lack of knowledge or reckless signing of documents that seemingly look like a preliminary non-binding proposal. Not for a moment did we have an impression that buyers, represented by a large Warsaw law firm, were better represented than us. We recommend the services of Dulewski Sikora Law Firm to all those who set about negotiating the sale of shares.
Individual investor
shareholder of a company belonging to the Knapp AG group
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Dulewski Sikora Law Firm helped me efficiently complete a purchase transaction of a company operating in the healthcare sector. The law firm operates in a reliable, organized, timely manner and with adopts a business-oriented approach.
Łukasz Goryszewski
Operations Director of Allenort Capital Fund
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Dulewski Sikora Law Firm supported me in a transaction of purchasing shares in a Polish company from a foreign investor. I am really impressed with how professionally the transaction was conducted.
Piotr Dudziński
shareholder of Staff In sp. z o.o.
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With the help of the Dulewski Sikora Law Firm, I managed to negotiate better conditions for entering a company, to purchase shares at fair price and change the articles of association to my advantage.
Piotr Chajkowski
shareholder of IFDS sp. z o.o.
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We were more than happy with the service provided by Dulewski Sikora. Firstly, we successfully opened the company, secondly you helped us with recommending us an accounting company. You also helped us with better understanding of national legislative and helped us with investment process. To summarize, you went above and beyond to make sure that the whole process runs as smoothly as possible. We liked the professional approach that was provided, but the speed and responsiveness were the things that we especially appreciated. We would definitely recommend you to other companies because all of the reasons listed above.
Mate Knezović
member of the management board of Agrivi sp. z o.o.
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Cooperation with Dulewski Sikora Law Firm led to a successful completion of the transaction. I appreciated their openness to the client and willingness to stay in regular contact as part of the transaction. The benefits resulting from the cooperation with the law firm include: feedback on all actions taken, professionalism and meticulousness every step of the way, attention to all details and intricacies of the case, attention to potential risks, anticipation of all scenarios of a given transaction, extensive knowledge of the topic/case study, flexible approach to the client and attention to their needs, building trust and a sincere approach. I certainly recommend their services and professional attitude.
Joanna Dębska
former shareholder of P.W. Sanitex sp. z o.o.
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We are an international business consulting firm and had the need to expand our business to Poland. Dulewski Sikora helped us in finding the right company structure and guided us through the whole process of establishing and registering our company in Poland. The proposed way to speed up the process helped us to get it done in a very short period of time. The full service even included the help and assistance in opening of business bank accounts. Everything was perfectly arranged and all the necessary documents were always ready on time. We see it as a great advantage that you are not only a “number” as you are in a big law firm. As a client you have the feeling that they really care about you.
Axel Hausbrandt
member of the management board of b-k-p Consulting sp. z o.o.
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I had been contacted with few legal adviser before I found Dulewski Sikora Law Firm. But I collected all different information from each of them that made me hesitate, after I called all phone numbers I had, I chose Tomasz Dulewski, one of the founders of Dulewski Sikora. His professional services helped me understand all procedures to open a LLC company in Poland. I especially appreciate: (i) the most concise and clear way to explain me those legal provisions, (ii) quick and effectively answered all questions and (iii) guide to work on the documents. A solid services like them will guarantee you are secured by law. Different lawyer will give different suggestions according to their experiences, so far Tomasz and Jakub’s suggestions never disappointed us.
Jian Yao
member of the management board of Globalway sp. z o.o.
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DTKiW ok
We were looking for a law firm specializing in transactions, where our case would be managed by experienced lawyers from start to end. Dulewski Sikora Law Firm was exactly what we needed. We appreciate the support of the law firm’s partners every step of the way, their great commitment to conducting negotiations and contribution to their successful conclusion.
Wojciech Kadłubowski
former shareholder of DTK&W Zespół Ogłoszeniowy sp. z o.o.
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