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Date of publication: 20 February 2023

Capital transactions are infrequent, but their arrangements affect further operation of the entire company and even personal matters. The most important thing for us is to make informed decisions, and the experience of attorneys Sikora and Dulewski allowed us to see the consequences of individual provisions or decisions. Their strengths include thoroughness, meticulousness and approach based on partnership. We had no experience in capital transactions, we appreciated their suggestions and initiatives backed up with individual provisions and examples. The law firm partners shared their experience to help us understand possible consequences of actions that seemed natural, harmless or irrelevant to us. They also provided comprehensive explanations as to what is allowed or applied when it comes to various PUT/CALL options. If it wasn’t for them, we would not have thought of such explanations or would have proposed them too late. Information they provided during the entire transaction and the power arguments of both parties at individual stages was also valuable. Attorneys Sikora and Dulewski have thorough knowledge and use an approach based on reliability, trust and honesty.

Artur Kowalski
President of the Management Board of ZINU sp. z o. o.

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