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Wojciech Kadłubowski, former shareholder of DTK&W Zespół Ogłoszeniowy sp. z o.o.

Date of publication: 20 February 2023
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We were looking for a law firm specializing in transactions, where our case would be managed by experienced lawyers from start to end. Dulewski Sikora Law Firm was exactly what we needed. We appreciate the support of the law firm’s partners every step of the way, their great commitment to conducting negotiations and contribution to their successful conclusion. Attorneys Sikora and Dulewski have considerable expertise in the sale process and negotiations, and they know what to pay attention to. It often includes issues I would never have thought of. I also value them for their helpful comments on concealed facts in draft contracts prepared by the buyer.

Wojciech Kadłubowski
former shareholder of DTK&W Zespół Ogłoszeniowy sp. z o.o.

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