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We act in your best future interest helping you sell shares at a profit.

Sale of shares is a complicated and risky transaction, especially if only some shares are sold and the buyer becomes another shareholder in the company.
We have been dealing with shares sale and purchase transactions for over 10 years and got considerable experience. We will act like your partner who will look after your safety, negotiate the best possible financial terms and make sure the transaction will take place.

How can we help you?

For many years we have been working with owners who plan or are in the process of selling shares of the company. We know that complex help is important to them. That is why we provide support in the most important areas of the entire sale process of the company’s shares.

Assistance in determining the selling price of the shares of the company

Most shareholders are unaware of the value of the entire company, and therefore the shares they hold. Normally, the estimates of owners are significantly lower than those of professional valuations. Our law firm cooperates with one of the largest experts in the field of valuation of companies in Poland. This ensures that you do not sell your shares too cheaply.

Limiting the risk associated with the admission of a new partner

The key decisions in the company are made by the shareholders. Once the shareholder group is extended to the buyer, the decisions will be made with the participant.
If you want to make a decisive impact on the choice of the Board, the distribution of profits, or the increase in capital and change in the composition of shareholders, then you should settle these issues in the share sale agreement. We will advise you how best to protect your business in such a situation.

Limitation of liability after sale

Typically, owners are not aware that by making a variety of statements and assurances they assume responsibility for the state of the company in which the shares are sold.
We will take care of your safety and limit the scope of such liability. We will consider what you can take responsibility for (for example, that you are acting in accordance with the obtained permission), and for what is better to not respond to the buyer.

Securing payment of the price

We will take care of your safety and limit the scope of such liability. We will consider what you can take responsibility for (for example, that you are acting in accordance with the obtained permission), and for what is better to not respond to the buyer.

Introducing changes to the company bodies

If, upon the shares sale, you wish to resign from the Management Board or other bodies, we will make sure your resignation from any position will be effective, thus helping you avoid liability for future actions of the company, including for its new debts.

If you want to have equal opportunities in the sale and negotiation process, you should also have experienced lawyers on your side.

Support in negotiations

If a large company, an investment fund or a wealthy investor is interested in buying your company, you should be aware they usually hire attorneys with years of experience in complex transactions. If you want to have equal opportunities in the sale and negotiation process, you should also have experienced lawyers on your side who not only have the required legal knowledge but, above all, great expertise in carrying out multiple transactions. Only then will your business be properly secured.
For many years we have worked for Polish and international law firms, where we dealt mainly with transactions and thus gained considerable experience in this field.

Conducting the sale process

We will guide you through the entire shares sale process and answer every sale-related question you might have. We will help you (i) draft a letter of intent, in which the seller and the buyer will agree on an action plan, (ii) protect the company confidential information to which the buyer will want to gain access, (iii) draft a contract of sale and (iv) conduct negotiations.

Tax assistance

As your business earns or receives income during the year, you must pay taxes. We have established close cooperation with experienced tax advisors who will provide you with the best solution regarding your transaction.

‘We are always personally involved in each transaction we conduct. Buying shares is too serious and unconventional issue to be entrusted to someone less competent. Your transaction is always a priority to us, and for that reason we will devote the maximum of our attention and commitment to your ventures.’

— Tomasz Dulewski and Jakub Sikora partners of the law firm

Tomasz Dulewski

Attorney Tomasz Dulewski is a legal advisor (radca prawny) and founder of the law firm. Prior to its opening, for almost a decade he was working for the largest law firms in Poland, including Wierzbowski Eversheds. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions and copyright law

Jakub Sikora

Attorney Jakub Sikora is a legal advisor (radca prawny). Before opening Dulewski Sikora, he was working for many years for international law offices operating in Poland, including Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, as a senior associate.


We took part in the purchase transactions of companies with a total value of nearly half a billion zlotys.

Customers opinion

"Dulewski Sikora Law Firm assisted me in the transaction involving the acquisition of the shares from the foreign entity. I was very impressed with the professional manner, in which the whole process was conducted, as well as with the detailed knowledge of the domestic and foreign regulations applicable in my case. Dulewski and Sikora attorneys represented my best interests with passion and commitment, efficiently bringing the entire project to the end. I would recommend Dulewski Sikora Law Firm to all entrepreneurs who are seeking a professional and reliable legal advice in the field of the corporate law."

— Staff In sp. z o.o., Piotr Dudziński - shareholder

“With the services provided by Dulewski Sikora, the closing of purchase transaction of a company operating in the field of health care was quick and efficient. The firm operates in a reliable, organized, and timely manner. The business-oriented approach is their competitive advantage. I am pleased with the cooperation we have developed. I value their ability to look at transactions from business perspective and adapt legal provisions to changing business arrangements.”

— Allenort Capital Fund, Łukasz Goryszewski - COO

>"Dulewski Sikora Law Firm, apart from professionalism and high-quality services, is distinguished from other law firms by its fantastic client-oriented approach: they have the ability to identify needs and ask pertinent questions which help you become aware of these needs."

— Heads and Noses sp. z o.o., Katarzyna Brzozowska - CEO

"The law firm is flexible and well-versed in corporate law. What is more, using Hubstaff is their definite plus. I highly recommend them."

—, Paweł Bartoszek - CEO

"When you entrust your case to attorney Tomasz Dulewski, you know it is in the right hands. I know nothing serious or dangerous in the provisions of the contract escapes his attention. I value him for his composure, reliability, quick assessment of the situation and ability to maintain the sense of urgency. His dedicated and individual approach to each case makes you feel like your case is the only one he is currently working on."

— Drewans BIS Sp. z o.o., Monika Sabarańska - Board Member

"With the assistance of Dulewski Sikora Law Firm, I managed to negotiate better conditions governing the entry into business partnership, acquire shares at good price and change the articles of association to my advantage. Mr Dulewski is known for his precision and an effort to meet the client's expectations. In addition, he suggests solutions I was not aware of. Law is his true vocation. I am glad I have come across him."

— Investor, Piotr Chajkowski

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Tomasz Dulewski

Tomasz Dulewski

co-founder of the law firm
Jakub Sikora

Jakub Sikora

co-founder of the law firm